Zenith Specifications

Standard on all models

  • Body cooling fan and body cool jet system.
  • Electronic control panel including time display.
  • Acrylic or grill lamp covers.
  • Hour counter.
  • Loud speaker.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Exit sign.

  • Changing pod (standard or small)
  • Non-moulded rear panel to save space.
  • Token or coin meter.
  • Skirting at base.
  • Ducting Kit
  • Left and right hand opening doors. (other options on request)
Aurora Special Edition

  • Moulded metallic black panels.
  • New silver metalwork paint.
  • New style courtesy light chrome fixture complete with dichroic lamp.
  • Illuminated door panelĀ on tanning unit only.
  • Grill option only.

All equipment manufactured to full CE and European safety standard (EN60335-2-27)

Tube Options:

Tube options Capacity(watts) Fuses
single phase three phase
44 x 160W 7340 45A 3x16A
48 x 160W 7980 45A 3x16A
60 x 160W 9900 63A 3x25A
44 x 180W 8220 45A 3x16A
48 x 180W 8940 45A 3x16A
60 x 180W 11100 63A 3x25A
44 x 200W 9100 63A 3x25A
48 x 200W 9900 63A 3x25A
48 x 225W 11100 63A 3x25A
60 x 200W 12300 63A 3x25A
60 x 225W 13800 63A 3x25A

Electrical supply on all units: 230/400V-50Hz



Standard height unit = 2240mm180W or 200W (2 metre tube) option = 2380mm(with or without cubicle)

All VTUs require an additional 100mm

height above the unit for ventilation.

Lift floor adds 90mm to height.

Smaller diametertanning tunnel
<——–>1329mm door closed<————-> 1995mm door fully open
Smaller changing cubicle
<—>1961mm door closed<———>2737mm
door fully open<——>2366mm door 2/3 open
Larger changing cubicle
<—>2261mm door closed<———>3037mm
door fully open<——>2666mm door 2/3 open
All length measurements can be reduced by110mm if a non-moulded back panel is used.


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