Opus 4 – Automatic Spray Tan Booth

Opus-4-RH-View-Automatic-Spray-Tan-Booth-597x1024i-Tan Opus 4 – Automated Robotic Therapist (A.R.T. by Crystals)

The Opus 4 Automatic Spray Tan Booth has recently hit the world’s professional spray tan equipment market.  Like the other spray tan booths i-Tan produce it comes after an extensive design stage and equally rigorous testing and implementation phase. This fully automatic spray tan machine is now taking the world by storm.  Numerous live field trials in busy beauty and tanning salons have proven the technology as well as trade exhibitions where the booth has performed tirelessly – and to the amazement of those who see the end results.

This booth was demonstrated in the states at the premier tanning exhibition in Nashville and literally was the star of the show!  Designed for the ground up by industry leading designer, Chris Nelson of i-Tan.co.uk – this booth has been instantly regarded by leading experts as the best ever Automatic Spray Tanning Booth to be introduced the sunless market-place.

The full specification can be seen as follows: –

  • An Automated Voice Instruction Module is used throughout the treatment, putting your client at ease, as well as accurately advising them through entire process, ensuring the client is positioned correctly in the booth, raise their arms when required, etc.  
  • Heated Re-Circulating Down-Flow Extraction, drying client throughout entire spray tanning cycle and removing overspray. This patented extraction design was introduced to St Tropez in late 2002 and used for the extraction technique for the market leading Airport & Elegance Booths 2003 to 2009 with virtually all of them still in operation today. It is a proven extraction technique that ensures clean treatment rooms are maintained over the long term. Only 10% of filtered air is exhausted back into the treatment room with the remaining 90% of air maintained inside the booth volume, forming the re-circulating extraction.
  • Robotic Linear / Radial Spray Arm using a single spray gun, simulating manual spray treatment The radial arm is used to increment the Linear Arm around the front radius of the booth opening over 7 carefully tested positions. The Hybrid Spray Gun is mounted within the Linear Arm pointing inwards, towards the back of the booth, simulating the position of a manual therapist. This is moved up and down at each of the radial increments, just as a manual therapist would position themselves when spraying a client. At the end of the front pass, the client is simply required to face the back of the booth, allowing a 7-step rear pass to be completed.
  • Flawless tans for every time, no matter body shape, body size or skin type. This is achieved using super-fine atomization of the product, spread into a wide fan which is repeatable for each spray stroke.
  • Using a touch screen interface, selectable spray speeds are provided for Light through to Heavy coverage, depending on the preference of the client. Furthermore, any of the Norvell tanning products can be used. In fact, any tanning brand can be used on Opus 4 as the speed selection allows adjustment between the different material viscosity with ease.
  • It is also possible to pre-load the booth with 2 products. This allows for 2 options of product at a push of button with the option to run one product after the other depending on the options a salon wishes to provide.
  • 4-Minute treatment cycle. Yes there are automatic booths that attempt to apply tans in less time however, Opus 4 was designed for ‘quality of tan, not speed’. Rather than rushing your way through a tanning treatment, Opus 4 allows you to relax in comfort. Throughout the entire treatment, warm air flows over the clients’ body in a downward direction, continuously drying the client and taking all overspray into a comprehensive filter set below the foot grate. This ensures that overspray is only ever present around the face when the face is being sprayed. At all other times, the client is never placed in a position where they breathe in overspray particulate.
  • No Plumbing – Dry Filter technology using disposable filters. The majority of automatic spray tanning booths include a water-wash cycle. This prevents the use of suitable filtration required for containing overspray when extracted, hence the fog one often associates with automatic spray tan booths. The poor removal of contaminated water, lying for months within trap points within the base, soon results in a stagnant smelling treatment room. The plumbing requirement and more importantly, the smell, is avoided using our dry filter based technology. A simple wipe down at the end of the day is all that is required to maintain the cleanliness of the booth.
  • Perhaps the most compact automatic spray tanning booth on the market, measuring just 1,250mm wide x 1,350mm deep x 2,250mm height. It fits into most European treatment rooms and requires a floor area of just 1,500mm width x 2,500mm depth x 2,300mm height with a normal domestic twin plug socket for power supply.
  • The open-front booth, overhead lighting, warm flow of air and assuring voice instructions result in a pleasant treatment experience without the feeling of being squeezed into a closed booth volume, that’s cold, wet, misty, dark and noisy.
  • With Internet access, Crystals engineers are able to access the booth control remotely, make changes to speed settings if required, debug and monitor the performance of every booth installed, anywhere in the world.
  • The market has been waiting a long time for an automatic spray tanning booth like this to arrive. It’s nearly here as we are in production and preparing the first batch for the UK.

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