Opus 2 Extraction Booth


Opus 2 - Extraction Booth 01Opus 2 Spray Tan Extraction Booth is used for both In-Salon & Mobile spray tanning as it remains a compact and lightweight system, capable of being assembled without the need to use tools. Manufactured using lightweight Aluminium, it weighs less than 25kg complete. Packaged in 3 boxes, the system can be assembled, up and running within 2 minutes.

Folded Opus 2 spray tan extraction booth

It can easily be moved between treatment rooms, allowing customers to multitask rooms depending on the treatments they offer on a day to day basis. Opus 2 has been designed to go mobile with the option to purchase a protective Travel Case Set. Opus 2 provides a high standard of extraction, effectively removing airborne particulate at a rate of 1,600 cubic meters per hour into a comprehensive filtration system within the spray chamber. At this rate of extraction, your clients’ health is assured but more importantly, so is the health of your therapist.

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