Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

Competitive finance options are available. Equipment finance is a viable option to consider as it protects your cash flow within the business. Rather than have a high spend at the front end, Salons are able to start making money alomost immediately. The revenue made from treatments, from day 1, more than funds the lease payments required each month.

An example can be seen as follows: -

A Salon wishes to lease purchase Opus Starter Extraction Booth and the LVLP Super Mist, a total package price of £1,595, making repayments over a 3 year period.

Upon delivery of the equipment to the salon, a first payment of £60.07 is required. Within the first month, the salon is fortunate to provide 12 treatments at £20 each, generating £240. Already, the salon is ahead on cash flow in excess of £180.

For the remainder of the term, 35 monthly payments of £60.07 is required, meaning that just 3 tans per month are required to fund the lease purchase arrangement. At the end of the term, ownership of the equipment is then transferred to the salon having never been in a negative cash flow, so long as 3 tans or more have been applied per month.

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