Wink-Ease UV Protection(250 pairs)

Wink-Ease UV Protection(250 pairs)

Wink-Ease UV Protection(250 pairs)
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The importance of wearing eye protection cannot be stressed enough. It is estimated that 20% of tanners in the UK do not wear eye protection, and the experts cannot believe this figure, so more is being done to try to persuade people that not wearing eye protection whether in or outdoors is dangerous. 

• Eyewear protects your eyes from harmful UV light. 

• The short term risk is corneal burning, the longterm risks include damaged cataracts. 

• Simply closing the eyelids will not protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Apart from not wearing eye protection, the biggest concern over eyewear is hygiene, its a big turn off for customers to find eyewear smeared with someone else’s cream or lotion. Another concern is the risk of infection from a previous tanner. Even if customers purchase their own eyewear they should clean them after every use.There are various methods for cleaning eyewear, such as goggle sterilising machines, sterilising solution and disposable eyewear. Protective eyewear does

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