Tanning Lamps Recycling

Used Tanning Lamps For Recycling

(from £0.15 per lamp)

Important Information:


Legislation has been passed regarding the safe disposal of fluorescent lamps and sun bed tanning lamps are included within the fluorescent lamp category. The legislation states that fluorescent lamps may only be disposed of at registered lamp disposal sites and there is a charge for this service.

Sunquest Tanning Solutions limited are registered with the Environment Agency as producers of used fluorescent lamps and have regular collections of used tanning lamps. When lamps have been disposed of correctly we are issued with a duty of care certificate that we must keep on file on behalf of the Environment Agency. Lamp disposal inspections are carried out regularly by the Environment Agency here at Sunquest.

Sunquest Tanning Solutions Ltd pay for the safe removal and disposal of old fluorescent tubes and therefore this cost must be passed onto our customers if we are required to remove old tanning lamps from their premises. Alternatively we can leave the old tanning lamps at your premises for you to dispose of at your local registered recycling site where you will be charged to dispose of them and issued a duty of care certificate.

This service is only available to customers in conjunction with a tanning lamp purchase. The lamps for recycling MUST be ready for collection at the same time of delivery of your new tanning lamps.

Sunquest & Crystals Limited is a professional organisation that is committed to playing its part to protect our environment and operate its business within the law.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us on 0800 037 0750.

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